Caroline's Published Music

When The Day Is Over CD

Thanks to all the musicians who did their magic on it. They include Larry Smith on lead guitar and harmony, Bert Hamer on drums and percussion, Chris Campbell on harmonica, Dean Harrison on keyboard, Angus Sinclair on keyboard, Peter Robertson on violin, Marilyn Smith on vocal harmonies, John Vandenberg on bass guitar, Martin Burchill on percussion, Lyle Kernighan on flute.

The title track was co-written with Caroline's mother – Betty Danowski.

A collection of 12 original songs, along with 2 cover tunes

Sometimes at Night — Feeling melancholy one cold winter night on the farm, I sat down at the piano and out came this song.

Free Again — Sometimes after feeling confined and opposed for such a long time, you can wake up and realize that tomorrow is a brand new day and you really can start a whole new life for yourself — free again.

Evergreen — This was always one of my favourite Roy Orbison songs. When Susan Jacks recorded it as well, I started including it in my repertoire. I love singing this song

Oh Mary, Don't You Wait too Long — When my friend in Stratford, Ont. was going through a hard time, this song was written to encourage her and let her know that she was too great a person to be waiting around for someone who did not appreciate her

When the Day is Over — My Mom and I wrote this together. This song goes out to all those who have struggled and still have faith that God is looking after them.

A Cuban Maiden — While on vacation in Cuba, I took my guitar with me and this song just popped into my head. Just a fun song using the Latin rhythm.

Ode to a Pretty Man — Playing in a little town in Berwyn, Alberta - the bar was filled with local farmers. In walked this handsome city slicker who really stood out, smiling at us and enjoying the music. On my break I wrote this song in 15 minutes. Never even spoke to him. Somewhere in the universe there is a man walking around not even knowing that a song was written about him!

Vivien, My Friend — My friend Vivien helped me during a time when I needed it. After crying on her shoulder many times I wrote this song for her. She is a special lady and everyone that knows her has such great admiration and respect for her.

When These Blues Go Away — Liked the chord progression I discovered. The words seemed to fit.

Song for you Lord — Sitting on the beach one day, feeling so glad to be alive and thankful for everything, I knew I had to write my own personal love song for God.

I Miss Your Face — The best thing to do when your heart is broken — write a song.

Too Much Living to Do — Got over it and ready to move on.

Do You Remember — Beautiful song by John Welsman.

It's Gonna Take Time — First Song I ever wrote — sitting on a riverbank in Castlegar, B.C.

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