Caroline Burchill Sample Songs

Listen to some samples of Caroline's work over the years

Free Again

Sometimes after feeling confined & opposed for such a long time, you can wake up and realize that tomorrow is a brand new day and you really can start a whole new life for yourself - "free again".


This was always one of my favourite Roy Orbison songs. When Susan Jacks recorded it as well, I started including it in my repertoire. I love singing this song

Cuban Maiden

While on vacation in Cuba, I took my guitar with me and this song just popped into my head. Just a fun song using the Latin rhythm

I Miss Your Face

"The best thing to do when your heart is broken - write a song"

Oh Mary Don't You Wait Too Long

When my friend in Stratford, Ont. was going through a hard time, this song was written to encourage her and let her know that she was too great a person to be waiting around for someone who did not appreciate her

Sometimes At Night

We have all had nights like these....

Thanks for listening!

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